Statistics Refresher

Statistica does a nice job going over concepts from basic statistics to advanced methods. A bonus is that they provide a free online statistics book. Click here if you need a refresher on statistics, or need to learn a bit more.

Also, Openstax is a good place to go to as well. Supported by many great organizations, they provide free text books on many topics (of course statistics too). Here is a link to their site.

Coding Help

A great website, that you will visit at some point in you programming life, is StackOverflow. Here you can pose a programming question and the community will help you solve it. This is a great resource for when you are on the job and have a task that you are not familiar with.

And of course, a good ‘ole Google search will help too.

Free Datasets

You can’t do data science without data! Data is a valuable thing in the modern world and most companies guard it. No fear though, there are places were you can get free data. Here  are some:


If you are looking for an interactive method of learning Python, DataCamp, Udemy, and Codecademy and great places to start.

Coursera is also another great place to begin. It offers courses that are taught by top universities. Some courses on Coursera have a cost associated with them in order to take the course.

Free eBooks

Some others like Python a lot too and provide free electronic versions of their books! These are great reference materials as well and are the same books that you can purchase in store.

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